My Dogs

All my dogs have multiple champions in their bloodline,

are registered with the Canadian Kennel Club and come from all over the world.

The Boys

Purebred Saint Bernard Puppies

Melon City Jenkins

a.k.a Woody

Melon City Jenkins was born in Iowa, USA. His sire, Melon City Capone, was the US champion in 2011 and 2016! Jenkins is a quiet and peaceful dog, but also very protective, especially of his favorite friend, a rescue Saint Bernard.

Purebred Saint Bernard Puppies

Celo vom Fugerhof

a.k.a. Hans

Celo vom Fugerhof has his roots in a small village near Innsbruck, Austria, and boasts dozens of European Champions and 3 World’s Champion’s in his pedigree. Celo has a very calm and gentle temperament and is the center of attention anywhere we go. Simply gorgeous inside and out!

The Girls



Ladybug is our resident long haired comedian, she will do anything for a laugh!  Ladybug is the daughter of Senza Una Donna and Melon City Jenkins and will be a perfect match for Celo vom Fugerhof. First litter sometime in 2018.

Lily Lulabell


Lily Lulabell is a short-haired girl from Ohio. She boasts many US Champions in her pedigree. Lily is a very sweet dog who must think she is a tiny lap dog, she always wants to climb on your lap. We look forward to Lily carrying on her mostly white colour to her puppies.



Mindy is a short haired Saint Bernard. She LOVES to play, always exploring but don’t let it fool you she too loves cuddles. Mindy is yet another daughter of Senza Una Donna and Melon City Jenkins.



Offspring of Hans and Emmy. She is a reincarnation of her father!! Her soul mission is to look after this farm and will make a great mom one day.

Cindy Lou


Cindy Lou is another long-haired daughter of Senza Una Donna and Melon City Jenkins.  Another comedian just like her sister and another perfect match for Celo vom Fugerhof.  First litter sometime in 2018.



Also one of Hans’ and Emmy’s offspring. She is our water dog! She LOVES the water, running around and always puts a smile on our faces!



Nancy’s favourite past time is being brushed, looking after her toys (babies) and giving Peepers the cat, baths! She is one of Hans’ and Emmy’s offspring as well.


Any dogs friend

My cat Peepers – not that I am a cat breeder, but Peepers is a very special friend to my dogs and ensures all the puppies are used to other pets beside dogs.

Happy Dogs – Happy Owners!

Take a look at some of my adopted puppies, testimonials of happy dogs in their new homes.

Want one of your own?

I might have a new litter coming soon, please contact me for details!

Happy Grannies

These girls may not be mommas anymore but they sure do make great grannies!!!

Senza Una Donna

a.k.a. Blizzy

Senza Una Donna was born right here in Canada and she is one of our short-haired Saint Bernards. When people ask us about Donna’s temperament we can only describe her as a happy kitchen dog! If she never had to leave the kitchen she’d be as happy as can be!

Sophia Star

a.k.a. Sophcheezbee

Sophie is from Colorado U.S.A, she loves her stuffed animals, watching the food channels on the tele, and taking waffles to bed. Like all our dogs she too has multiple champions in her bloodline.

Simon Saints MiMi Marjorie

a.k.a. Mimi

Simon Saints MiMi Marjorie was born in Louisiana, USA. She is one of our long-haired dames, shy at first, but once she gets to know you she becomes an inseparable lap sitter!

Purebred Saint Bernard Puppies

Emerald Elizabeth

a.k.a. Emmy

Emerald Elizabeth was also born in Louisiana, USA, but not at the same kennel as MiMi. Like any real beauty, she loves to get her long coat brushed. Emerald definitely meets the requirements for couch dog. She is quiet, gentle and in one word a sweetheart!