So far I have purchased 2 Saint Bernard’s from “  Simone and Ian take their time to help answer all my questions and are soon going to be adding a “SHOP” to their website so that folks will have competitively priced health items, collars, leashes, mats, dog-beds, bandanas, play-pens that will fit a Saint Bernard or any LARGE breed. The parents are all World Class pedigreed and in my opinion you will not find any better Saint. I worked in a quarry so the puppies names should give you a chuckle!

Peter from Millgrove, ON – Owner of Fred & Wilma

Remy is a very doting and loving dog, friendly to all and very obedient. Super with our kids (to be expected) and much enjoys the water. His coat seems to be a nice blend of short and long, and (like our previous saint) has great shedding qualities… meaning he might go to bed wet and muddy; but magically wakes up clean. The floor around him not so much. Currently he is about 120lbs, and full of energy; he much enjoys walks and being out in nature.

Gavin & Family from Victoria, BC – Owners of Remy

I just wanted to send you an update pic of Stanley. He is the best pup I could imagine. He is now 6 months old and exactly what I dreamed of. He is signed up for therapy training classes in the fall and I am constantly working with him to be exposed to all new people/dogs/world. He is everything you said and more. I want to thank you again and I know in the future, Stanley will not be my only Saint Bernard in my life. You showed me a new world of dog breeds that will be in my life forever.

Debra from Fredericton, NB – Owner of Stanley

I can not love him more he is fantastic! Gentle, loving, committed to me totally, when we go out for our family dog walk. He walks beside me always never runs off with the other dogs, prefers to sit n have human time, never jumps, or is pushy. And that it what I wanted in a dog. A big gentle attentive loving giant!

Gloria from Kipling, SK – Owner of Boomer

We purchased an 8 week old puppy named Koda from Ian & Simone. It was so easy working with them to pick the perfect puppy. Koda travelled all the way to Ontario, Canada and we couldn’t be happier with the beautiful dog that Arrived at our door. Ian & Simone truly care about these animals and it’s easy to tell in just a few mins on the telephone how proud they are of their dogs. Koda is super smart and became part of the family not just with our kids but with our 2 older saints as well. Would highly recommend Simon`s Saints.

Ross & Isobel from Wellington, ON – Owners of Koda

We are so happy to have purchased our new best friend Tonka from Simonssaints. Tonka is so gentle and kind. He loves giving kisses, long walks on the beach and playing with other dogs. He has brought so much joy to our lives.

Megan from O`Leary, PEI – Owner of Tonka

Hunter is an amazing dog, he loves the snow (we have a lot of it 🙂 ) and gets along great with my other dog they are best friends one can’t go anywhere without the other! I have been doing training with Hunter and he picks up everything really quickly! He is a big lovable teddy bear!!! We are definitely happy we got him

Samantha from CBS, NF – Owner of Hunter

We made the best decision to add a st bernard from simonssaints to our family,we took home a sweet loving male puppy that my 6 yr old son named marley,he follows my son everywhere and is doing great with his training, he is so smart and loving, he is perfect thank you very much, he loves to lay with me on the couch or on our feet,

Ernest, Gina & Adrian from Kinuso, AB – Owners of Marley

My wife Fernanda purchased a puppy, “Pancakes”, from you folks. She has such a nice temperament and great with our kids. We just love her! Thank you for the wonderful dog, she is absolutely beautiful.

Fernanda & Cameron from Regina, SK – Owners of Pancakes

Our family purchased two healthy, beautiful pups from Ian and Simone Watch… Daisy and Dirky. They bring so much joy to our family. We can’t thank the Watchs’ enough. We are so pleased with the pups. They make our lives complete. We are so pleased we will be purchasing a third puppy from Simon’s Saints. Ian and Simone are lovely, reputable, honest breeders that care about the quality of life for their dogs and this shows in the quality of the pups and naturally their breeding program.

Margaret & Roy from Marion Bridge, NS – Owners of Daisy, Dirky & Dotty