Thanks to you guys who have blessed us with the most wonderful little one we could have hoped for. Loki is living up to his name and is quite the mischievous little guy. He has made many friends along the way and has been ever so gentle whether it be child, small dogs and even cats. We don’t know how we managed without him in our lives. He is so sweet and loving. He doesn’t stay still when we take pictures but we were able to get a couple while he snuggled with us (and his Tiger) the couch. He loves to pick up a single leaf and walk with it, head held high.

Graham & Kelsey from Fort Saskatchewan, AB – Owners of Loki

I can’t thank you enough for raising such an amazing pooch with one of the best temperaments I’ve ever encountered. He is smart, kind, gentle and his favourite thing is to lean against you and get hugs. Benji is the center of my universe and he is the best part of my every day. He’s 150 pounds of pure love and drool! He adores going to work with mom every day, and has passed all obedience trainings available. He has met and made an impact on so many people and was even dubbed “the mascot of COR”. He truly embodies the spirit of the gentle giant and I couldn’t have asked for a better companion and colleague! Thank you again for blessing me with this guy, he makes every day special and loads of fun!

Chelsi from Regina, SK – Owner of Big Ben “Benji”

I can’t get over how wonderful she is! She loves to cuddle. She still sticks close when we go for walks. She sleeps through the night now (took three nights for her to adjust). She is VERY happy. And she certainly suits her name, Sweet Sadie Sunshine!

Ruth from Whitehorse, Yukon – Owner of Sweet Sadie Sunshine