Our Commitment

Healthy dogs and puppies are most important to us and Simone’s experienced skills as a Licensed Practical Nurse come in quite handy in taking car of puppies from birth to whenever they leave our home. Our commitment as breeders is to continue to improve this magnificent breed.

Our Devotion

  • Breeding Saint Bernards since 2013

  • 100% compliance with CKC

  • Provide a lovely home for our dogs

  • Healthy Dogs – Happy Owners

Happy Dogs – Happy Owners!

Take a look at some of our adopted puppies, testimonials of happy dogs in their new homes.

Pizza, the dogs love Pizza!

Like many Albertan’s, Ian used to work away from home for weeks at a time. Our St. Bernards would be so upset when he was gone they went on hunger strike for the first few days. It was only after I made them Pizza that I could get them to start eating again. Of course once Ian was back everything was good, but I tell you those dogs sure love (and miss) their humans!

– Simone Watch

- Simone Watch

You can't not fall in love with them

We’ve both loved dogs for as long as we can remember, and have had lots of different breeds. It wasn’t until we rescued Franz, a St. Bernard, that we fell in love with the breed. Franz brought so much joy to our lives, he truly became our best friend.

St. Bernard’s are so gentle, so loving and caring, we just couldn’t imagine our lives without them!

- Ian Watch

It's all about the Joy

Ian was born in Britain, but moved to Canada as a young child and has since called it home. Simone, born and raised in British Columbia, moved to Alberta as an adult. The two would later meet and become inseparable. Simone and Ian have had many different dogs accompany them in their lives, but it was Franz, a rescue St. Bernard, that truly melted their hearts. After lots of research and learning all they could about St. Bernards the couple started breeding them in 2013.

Great care, planning, excellent feeding, regular grooming, de-worming, health examinations all vaccinations (as per vaccine manufacturer’s schedules) are adhered too. All of our Saint Bernard’s are well socialized with children, seniors, cats and other dogs. A few of our Saint Bernard’s even seem to have their own pets, ie: squirrels, wild birds. Saint Bernard’s are very loyal and loving dogs!


An exclusive offer to our costumers

We aren’t into boarding services, but we do extend the offer to our valued customers. If you have purchased a puppy from us we will be happy to have him or her stay with us while you are away. If you have a second dog that was not from our kennel we can, in most circumstances, also board your second dog.

Our dogs will be delighted to welcome your best friend back for a vacation! We will be sure to pair him or her up with the best possible play mate. Food is included in the price, as well as lots of fun, and the best care possible!

Daily Costs